Wealth Planning

Goldex Capital is a pioneer and the premier venture capital firm investing in Blockchain enabled technology.

The Fund’s Investment strategy aims at providing investors with exposure to the long term capital appreciation of blockchain technology related investments while reducing volatility through portfolio diversification.

Altcoins under the algorithmic control

Assets: top-20 crypto assets with strong fundamentals Goal: maximum return on investment from blockchain and crypto technologies growth.

Active trading

Assets: crypto assets, futures and options Goal: additional profit not tied to the crypto market growth due to active trading.

Ico and pre-ico participation

Assets: tokens launched with ICO and pre-ICO Goal: profit from growth owing to the team’s ability to evaluate assets correctly.

The Fund maintains a long term exposure on various blockchain markets and sub-strategies to avoid excessive single asset concentration or counter party risk. The Fund is expected to create value through its asset allocation process, selection of investments and risk management. The Fund mainly invest in a portfolio of specialized blockchain related funds, meeting a list of eligible investment criteria set by the Investment Team. While cryptocurrencies will represent a high proportion of the Fund’s asset allocation, the Fund will pursue a multi strategy and multi managers approach to reduce risk.