Investment Management

We strive to provide the best financial services and products in the world’s market.

The Fund’s investment team makes decisions in a venture capital style, with a heavy focus on traction towards the stated goal of the team working on the token. Since most of the companies/teams/projects working on tokens are shaped in a very similar way to startup companies, it is the view of Goldex Capital that they should be evaluated against the same metrics at the same level of scrutiny prior to placing capital.

Fund picking

Fund Picking is at the heart of the Investment Team added value. A selection of eligible investments is based on an initial filtering of the blockchain investment universe. Parameters used are both qualitative and quantitative. Then the team proceeds with a due-diligence to assess the merits and risks of the potential investment and a rating is produced. A funds monitoring is performed on an ongoing basis.

Bet sizing

The relative size of a position held by Goldex Capital is determined by a proprietary model that evaluates a given token’s percentage completion along the path to commercial value creation, traded volume-weighted market cap, as well as a litany of qualitative ranking factors.


We further increase the transparency of the blockchain, fully disclosing the Fund’s activities: the investor sees wallets, other customers and transactions.

The Fund was created to implement management technologies with an immaculate track record in classical finance combined with rapidly growing crypto assets, and realize their fantastic potential.